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Basically, humans need to sleep to recharge themselves. It is a well-known fact that after taking a proper sleep we all feel so relaxed and calm. It means our body requires proper sleep to get back in action after having a long working day. After having a long tiring day our body and mind need to relax for some time so that we could start another refreshing day. We cannot survive without having a proper sleep.

However, you must have experienced that whenever we couldn’t get a quality sleep we feel tired and sleepy at work and it directly indicates the need of sleep in our life. Now the question arises that why do our body need such hours to get back in action? Well! It’s a mystery and the real reason behind this fact is really unpredictable for our scientists as well. For now, all we know that we work not only physically but mentally also so our body requires a proper rest.

For how long a human body requires a sleep

Scientifically, a human body requires eight hours of quality sleep to relax their body and mind. In today’s fast track lifestyle routine people didn’t get eight hours of sleep but we require at least six to seven hours of sleep on a daily basis. According to a study different age, people needs different sleeping hours, for example, a newborn requires at least a fourteen to seventeen hours of sleep and a teenager requires seven to nine hours of proper sleep without any disturbance. The quality and need of sleep decrease with the increasing age such as old age people cannot sleep more than six to seven hours. In some cases of old age people, you must have seen that they need to take sleeping pills to get a proper sleep. The reason behind this can be the mental tension, anxiety and other life issues. Apart from this, not only the sleeping hours but the quality of sleep also means a lot while sleeping. A distracted and disturbed sleep can affect your whole day and can leave you with tiredness and dizziness.

What are the sides effects of not getting a proper sleep?

First of all, people who don’t get proper sleep can be an insomniac. Insomnia is a sleeping disorder which does not let you sleep. Here are some of the actual side effects of sleeping disorders.

–   It may lead you to fatigue and tiredness.

–    Can increase the risk of depression and convert your good mood into a bad one.

–   Can decrease the concentration and leads to memory loss.

–   Skin aging.

–   Affects the immune system and leads to weight gain.